Past & Future

Being at the head of a company always involves significant responsibility. Being at the head of Pango is even more challenging. I am not just referring to the never-ending everyday work issues, but to the fact that I manage and supervise a group of people who are carrying out a project which began in 1974 based on ​​an idea of my father, Gino Scotuzzi.

Unfortunately, he left us last year, but his teachings are at the base of everything we do.

The current situation speaks of a company that has great potential for growth, especially abroad. Good human relations, respect for the rules, working with passion, without getting either depressed or too excited, but with a lightness of heart and a lot of patience ... these are the guidelines that still characterize the business life of Pango.

There are many goals ahead of us.

Our efforts to reach them will be more intense than ever before.