Mariella Arduini

Mariella Arduini


Woman 25-60 years old.


Floral, Haute-Couture, Gipsy, Elegance, Easygoing.


It is said that Mariella Arduini's style is timeless, interesting, wearable, creative, sensual, and cosmopolitan.
Many things that belong to the past are full of charm. The 40's and the moralism that characterized that period inspired her, because the future is a projection of the past.
Love for whispered, lightweight elegance is evident.
The search for the right fabric is never-ending and, while functionality remains critical, the garments must make women more beautiful, more secure. The modernity of the line is a fusion of elegance and urban spirit, a sense of harmony between rationality and emotions. The shapes are not over-revealed by silhouettes that hug the body. A sensual woman is favored instead with lace, Botticellian flowers, soft handfeel, and different lengths. Style is the brand that is noticed by many. If a dress is beautiful it's beautiful forever.